Need a Mini Beer Cooler? Try the B95 BeerTender For the Perfect Pour

If you love beer but cannot have a large beer cooler, a mini-beer dispenser might be just the right fit. For years, a large keg of beer has been the mainstay for the beer lover, but can be too much for those who are occasional drinkers but enjoy the experience of a great beer after a long day.

The B95 is a highly efficient state of the art beer drafting appliance that utilizes a patented carbonator system to make sure your beer tastes like an authentic draft poured from the corner pub. The unit employs an LED controlled system that allows you to select and maintain a constant temperature of 36, 39 or 32 degrees. beer keg Koozie

With specific attention to detail, the device is sleek, compact and can keep a mini keg of beer fresh for thirty days. The makers of this unit also boasts that the system is “ultra-quiet and it even has a “Freshness indicator” that counts down for your 30 day schedule to ensure a maximum taste experience every time. In addition, it give a precise accounting of the amount of beer is available so that you can prepare for your next mini-keg.

In conclusion, if you are shopping for a mini-beer cooler that delivers on its promise for the perfect pour, the B95 Beer tender delivers. This contemporary designed piece of engineering is great for you and your spouse who enjoy a great pour experience or for a small group of friends coming over to watch the big game on the Hi-def TV.

No need for a clunky Keg refrigerator to adorn your family room or kitchen. Get a Beertender [http://gravitygarden.com/Heineken-beertender.html]! to make you both happy.


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